Nitradine Tablets


Are your dentures clean?
Your dentures may look clean, but all removable dentures and orthodontic appliances are made of porous material in which micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) can infiltrate and attach to, causing burning sensations, soreness, generalized gum pain, cracked mouth corners (chelitis) and bad breath (halitosis), otherwise known as “Denture Stomatitis”.

Nitradine Disinfection Tablets

  • 20 Anti-biofilm and anti-Candida denture disinfecting tablets (10 weeks supply)
  • Fast effective disinfecting formula
  • Penetrates the microprosities of the appliance
  • Eliminates and removes micro organisms
  • Does not alter or discolor the appliance or its metallic parts
  • Suitable for all types of dentures